This is the third year of the Bath Property Awards please contact us for further information.

We are very proud to launch the Bath Property Symposium featuring the Bath Property Awards – a unique extension of our prestigious celebration of the local property sector.

Held on Friday 12 March from 2-5pm, the Symposium is an online property conference featuring the Bath Property Awards. Three-stage innovative linked event: Thought Leadership; Unique Networking; and Celebration of Excellence. Plus an exclusive real-life networking event later in the year.

This Symposium will have an emphasis on networking, acting as a catalyst for business development across a range of Professional Services at a time when there are precious few opportunities. Keynotes and the Awards will be livestreamed. Tickets will be free for all Finalists.


1.Thought Leadership Plenary session, keynotes 2-3pm

Bluechip speakers from national companies: high quality, deep professional analyses.

2. Structured Networking: Hubs, Sponsor-hosted sessions, 15-minutes each, 3-4pm

Outline: Ticket-only sessions; closed access; run concurrently. The aim is to network; build connections/profile/value; and bring all areas of the property value chain together. Delegates are there specifically and straightforwardly to network – to build the relationships that are not possible currently in real life

3. Excellence: Awards 4-5.15pm

Format: The Awards will now run as a very high profile, unique combination of live-presented event; recorded items featuring sponsors; and live reactions from Finalists and Winners – all wrapped up in prestigious style.

Extra Event: Real life networking event

On top of this we will be running a unique networking event, exclusively for Sponsors and Symposium delegates – as soon as is practicable.

Categories: 18 in all, plus overall Winner of Winners. Architect, Commercial Agent, Commercial Development, Commercial Interior Designer, Consultancy, Contractor, Developer, Employer, Interior Designer, Lettings Agent, Professional Services, Residential Agent, Residential Development, Residential Interior Designer, Rising Star, Suppliers and Services, and Transformation. Structure: Companies nominate via this website; a panel of independent Judges decides.

Marketing: Multi-channel – advertising and editorial in Bath Life; extensive email and social media campaigns; and marketed at MediaClash events like the Bath Life Business Club.

For further information please get in touch.

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The Bath Property Awards are created, marketed and run by MediaClash. We organise over 100 events a year, whether real life or virtual. With our extensive experience, you can be sure that these Awards are destined to be high profile and highly prestigious.

Please note the Bath Property Awards is part of a series of annual Property Awards including Bristol Property AwardsCardiff Property Awards and new for 2021: Exeter Property Awards. Please talk to us if you are interested in more than Bath.