The Bath Property Awards will take place on 22 October.

Let’s celebrate the dynamic Bath property sector. From residential to commercial, from lettings to new builds, from civic buildings to bold re-imaginings, Bath simply teems with clever property companies shaping our city’s destiny.

Property matters to us all. Professionally in financial terms; aesthetically in its creativity; practically in somewhere to live or work. And Bath’s built environment is central to how our city is seen nationally and beyond.

So we are delighted to present the Bath Property Awards. The first and second year were a huge success and we look ahead to celebrating the best of Bath property on October 22 2021, where the whole tribe will come together once again…

 Bath Property Awards: At-a-glance

What: Prestigious Awards in celebration of the best of Bath property companies

Why: Because this is a stunning, vibrant sector that deserves to be celebrated

How: Companies enter via a bespoke website Independent Judges then decide

Format: Lunchtime event, afternoon Awards. Begins from 12pm, ends around 4pm

Where, when: Apex Hotel, 22 October

For further information, please get in touch

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